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Outer Galactic Chocolates

Award winning edibles out of Laytonville, OGC needed a group that understood both marketing and how people in the cannabis industry live. We worked with them, flexible to their needs, and together we launched a great new brand.

Emerald Trimmers

ET is a family business from Lake County that decided to build a better trim machine, here in the USA. Market research, branding, video, you name it  we worked with the great folks at Emerald Trimmers to get their newest machine the Oz Gen II, ready for export on a global scale.

Mendocino Group is a community of cannabis creatives working together to further our industry.

Who We Are

Brandon Kight

Brandon Kight

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Brandon was raised in Ukiah, California. After attending design school at Collins College School of Design & Technology in Tempe, Arizona, he returned to Ukiah where he lives today with his wife and two children. Brandon founded the creative agency BKVC in 2010, and has won several awards for his graphic design and business development.

Brandon helps guide cannabis farmers through his creative branding and design process working to create a platform for your brand experience. Since inception, the Mendocino Group has helped many farmers in Mendocino County and beyond.

Josh Bowers

Josh Bowers

Co-Founder & Web Strategist

Josh was raised in Willits California. Josh (aka Jethro) is a sonovahippie and born entrepreneur. While in his teens, Josh developed a passion for marijuana cultivation, all while running his own start up business and managing overseas manufacturing.

Josh dropped out of school in the 7th grade and started working on web development and online marketing, by the time he was 18 he had a worldwide portfolio and had been on multiple startup teams. He now helps cannabis farmers and entrepreneurs get the most out of their internet marketing. 

Emily Hois

Emily Hois

Social Media Management & Content Marketing

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, Emily lived in Colorado for more than a decade before moving to Sebastopol, California. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, she spent eight years writing for newspapers and magazines before earning a master’s in sustainability marketing from the University of Colorado – Denver in 2013.

Since then, Emily has managed the content and social media for two solar energy companies and a clean tech financing company—now she’s applying that expertise to the thriving cannabis industry.

Our Associates

Luke Zimmerman, Esq. LL.M

Luke Zimmerman, Esq. LL.M

Copyright & Trademark Lawyer

Graduate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego California, with a  Masters of Law from the University of Amsterdam.  Luke assists entrepreneurs in the emerging cannabis with protecting their intellectual property. Luke is a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association (NCBA). Luke is also certified by Oaksterdam University, in both, beginner and advanced courses.

Visit his Website Here

Freeda Alida Burnstad

Freeda Alida Burnstad

Cannabis Farm Consultant

Freeda is an inspector for Clean Green Certified.  As a certified Cannabis Therapist, Educator and Holistic Health practioner Freedais dedicated to helping you vision your medical cannabis garden, tourism potential, and product lines in ways that integrate permacuture, medicinal plants and income diversity into your gardens, formulas and business planning. Her lifelong experience in organic cultivation and passion for right lively hood can help you design and manage your farm business in the most ecologically sound and productive manner.

Visit her Website Here

What We Do


New businesses are popping up all the time in the Cannabis industry, but only a handful of brands. Branding is the difference between building a following and setting trends, or just being another cannabusiness that fades into the smoke.


The first interaction your customers will have with your business is usually with your designs. Your logo. Your packaging. Your advertisements. Many times it’s the difference between a person buying and remembering or moving on and forgetting. Don’t get lost in the sea of green.

Web Development

The Cannabis Industry is not new. How we market it is. The internet is the most powerful communication tool ever created which makes it the most powerful marketing tool ever created. Our websites don’t just exist, they grow.


Proper SEO is to your business what beneficial mycorrhizae is to your plants. Constantly working 24/7 to help your business grow. Create good content, target it right, and network with the right websites and you have a recipe for consistent online growth.


What is your website suppose to do? Do you need Facebook and Instagram? How do they help your marketing? What are you suppose to do first? Where should you advertise? There are a lot of questions… We’ve been actively marketing cannabusinesses for years and can help you make a plan.


So you’ve been making rosin for years, or been growing for generations, and it’s time to start telling the world. Making sure your brand launch goes well is like prepping your soil. Prep it right and you have a lot fewer headaches down the road. Let us make sure your press releases are right, the buzz is built, and the systems are in place to make your life easier going forward.

Lets Get Started

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