5 Tips for Cannabis Packaging Success

5 TIPS FOR CANNABIS PACKAGINGSUCCESS 12 July, 2018 Not every consumer will see your Instagram feed. They may never meet you at a cannabis event or see your demo at the local dispensary. But each person who even considers buying your product will interact with your...

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Get Lifted Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand

Get Lifted: Easy Ways to Boost Your Cannabis Brand 8 August, 2017 Chances are you’re already doing a million different things. You’re debating on going legal, or you’re dealing with being legal, your light dep is coming in, and your irrigation lines are getting...

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Soil Bae Is HOT AF

SOIL BAE IS HOT He’s shirtless, dirty, and knows how to dance. Plus he has 10,000,000 views on youtube so he’s internet famous… So yeah, he’s kinda hot. You’ve probably seen it already and laughed. I saw it and my heart exploded. Why? Because he has made the first big...

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