He’s shirtless, dirty, and knows how to dance. Plus he has 10,000,000 views on youtube so he’s internet famous… So yeah, he’s kinda hot. You’ve probably seen it already and laughed. I saw it and my heart exploded. Why? Because he has made the first big viral cannabis video. The cannabis industry is not new. It’s been around… But never like this, never at this scale, and never with this kind of access. Fifteen years ago we weren’t trying to get 10,000,000 strangers to view our gardens. It’s another sign of the times.

Not many industries are growing or have ever grown as fast as the legal cannabis industry. In the last few decades only two industries have grown this quickly: Cable TV and the Internet. You remember how crazy the internet was? One day there was the internet, then a little while later you had to have the internet for some reason, then it’s everywhere and everyone is talking about it but it’s normal everyday stuff and for some reason a few people who got into it were worth billions.

The legal cannabis industry is going through the same process right now at a similar speed: One day there is legal cannabis, a little while later everyone is smoking or eating or consuming cannabis and it’s a big deal, not long after that it’ll be everywhere and everyone is talking about it but it’s normal everyday stuff and for some reason a few people who get into it are going to be worth billions.

Whats all this have to do with Soil Bae? Like my dad would tell me: It’s all connected. All of it, connected and working together. This video was everywhere and when the guys over at the Cannabis Country Fair saw it they pounced and attached their Cannabis Country Fair to the virality.  This is the first time when a big cannabis viral video has been used to market and set a trend in the industry and in an industry where trends are highly influential this video is an example of how virality paired with the modern growing industry can transpire and bring attention to products and the industry itself. Did it work for the Cannabis Country Fair? Not really, but most first attempts aren’t succesful.

What’s this mean to you? 

You have a smartphone (you better have one by now, it will be one of your most important marketing tools ). You have the internet. You have a product. Maybe you’ve already made a few short videos and just need some direction?  A great way to get started is by following a basic guide from John Powers (one of marketing’s first great storytellers): Tell the truth, Be interesting, and Live the Truth.

Soil Bae hit all of these: He was interesting: He danced. He told his truth: He is a cannabis farmer, it’s a lot of work, but he has a good time doing it. And he lived his truth, he didn’t make it up, it was real. He wasn’t trying to make a viral video but he was following a basic story telling structure you see all the time, whether he knew it or not.

Quick breakdown:

Soil Bae
Shot with a Phone
Cost to get those 10,000,000 views: Time and energy.


The point of this article isn’t really to try and get you to make a viral video, it’s to encourage everyone in this industry, especially people within our community to start telling your stories. Start making some videos, writing some content, partnering with others that do.  The internet gives marketing power to EVERYONE. You don’t need to be a internet marketing expert to create a compelling, fun, interesting, entertaining, short little video. Just grab your smartphone, get a instagram and youtube account, and start experimenting. Even a few thousand views can make a big difference in building your brand.

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